The Armagnacs雅文邑

The Chabot Vintage range is a rare and exquisite collection of Armagnac. Aged in dusky Gascon black oak casks, vintages are hand chosen and personally signed by our Cellar Master. Specific only to Armagnac, each vintage parchment label indicates the exact year of harvest and every clear glass bottle is individually sealed with golden wax.

With vintages dating back to 1888, only a select few connoisseurs can boast ownership. As such, these limited vintages are highly respected and sought after by pre-eminent restaurateurs and discerning collectors.



Perfect Choice for Celebrating that Special Event. Choose from our Paradise Collection dating from the Vintage year 1888; including the auspicious vintage of 1901. Specific Vintages for most Anniversary Dates available Upon Request. 单一年份珍酿的历史可远溯到1888年,一个多世纪以来仅有少数品鉴家才能有幸品尝和收藏。因此,稀世珍贵的单一年份珍酿一直受到高级餐厅老板和独具慧眼的收藏家的追崇。